Help a Mama Swag-o-Rama: Happening Now Through Friday, Aug 8


Help a sister out! Our fundraiser to help defray the costs of attending and reporting the DNC: There is chocolate. And sex–or rather SEX AND THE CITY. (That was a giant dog whistle–nay, foghorn blast–to you, May in the Bay! Read more ›

Hey, DNC, Here We Come!!


Okay, I admit, I did a huge, age-inappropriate SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!! when we found out that the MOMocrats will be fully credentialed bloggers at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, CO, this August! W00t! Yours truly will be there, blogging anything and Read more ›

Moms Speak Up, on Uninsured Children


Through MOMocrats, I’ve met some of the most intelligent, fun, politically aware, sassy, and committed women I’ve ever known. I worship them. So far they haven’t run me off, though a few (the Clinton supporters) may have been sorely tempted. Read more ›