Background for the “Feminist Blogging in Election Years & Beyond” Women, Action, Media! Conference


I went back to MOMocrats to see what I’d written on feminism and intersectionality there, to refresh my memory. And I realize that to adequately describe the trajectory of my very, very complicated feelings about Hilary Clinton’s campaign, you’d have Read more ›

New Posts Up at MOMocrats


One is an Open Letter to Senator Clinton: Feminism is Not Academic, on Clinton’s hair-thin win over Obama in Indiana. The other is about how I love funny women and AbFab in particular. What does that have to do with Read more ›

Condoleeza Rice as McCain’s VP: It’s a Poisoned Cookie. Don’t Eat If Offered.


Left, Joshua Lott, Time Magazine; Right: Reuters, Win McNamee/Getty We Democrats so rarely feel what it’s like to vote FOR someone, instead of giving a grumbling okay to the lesser of two evils, that it’s downright intoxicating to be presented Read more ›