New Posts Up at MOMocrats


One is an Open Letter to Senator Clinton: Feminism is Not Academic, on Clinton’s hair-thin win over Obama in Indiana. The other is about how I love funny women and AbFab in particular. What does that have to do with Read more ›

Think Maybe Batman’s On Twitter? Holy Logjam Alert!


Because the Batsignal to his cell phone seems to be in a dead spot. As MOMocrats before me have eloquently posted here, here, here, and as is flying around the blogosphere everywhere, Democrats are in the position of having two Read more ›

Go Read It: Naomi Wolf on Obama and the U.S. Constitution


OK, first the media amplification of a bigot trawling for Islamophobic innuendo in repeating Obama’s middle name. Then a highly entertaining (though issue-free) Saturday Night Live smackdown of misogyny exhibited by overwhelmingly male pundits, and an SNL rehabilitation of Clinton. Read more ›