Humvee Escapades in Silverlake and Santa Monica


I’ve fulminated about Humvees here before. Back in 2003, I believe it was. As symbol of the worst Republican/right-wing hubris, corruption, and in-your-face Fuck You to the global climate crisis, it was hard to stomach the sight of these cars Read more ›

Robert Stacy McCain Would Rather Women Bloggers Just Sat Down and Shut Up


Okay, whatever my insecurities about Blogher ’08, I’m ready to rage against one small-dicked guy named Robert Stacy McCain who basically snarked and made fun of blogs by women and by extension the entire women’s blogosphere. A somewhat shallow NYT Read more ›

More MOMocrats Posts Up


The new nickname I have for Obama: Spockbama. Fascinating. Donna Brazile poops rainbows and cries unicorns, as far as I’m concerned. She probably walks on water too–minor feat after the first two, wouldn’t you say? Obama on Education. Because sometimes Read more ›