Nestle-Free Zone Week: October 26-November 1


Baby Milk Action, a UK-based organization that has consistently kept up the pressure for Nestle to practice ethical marketing of its products–most notably infant formula–is promoting a Nestle-Free Zone October 26-November 1, 2009. If you aren’t aware of the reasons Read more ›

PBS’ Super Why! Things My Kid Loves to Watch–With My Approval


Recently I attended a little PR event held by PBS at our local public tv station, KCET. (It used to be a film studio in the early days of Hollywood, back when DW Griffith filmed in Griffith Park and was Read more ›

“Mommyblogging” & Influence…Conclusion: I’m a Free Range Mama


There’s been a bit of an uproar lately about “mommyblogging” as a business. Some women who’ve been at this longer than me, and have a perspective on women blogging that I trust have said the following: Queen of Spain asked: Read more ›