Background for the “Feminist Blogging in Election Years & Beyond” Women, Action, Media! Conference


I went back to MOMocrats to see what I’d written on feminism and intersectionality there, to refresh my memory. And I realize that to adequately describe the trajectory of my very, very complicated feelings about Hilary Clinton’s campaign, you’d have Read more ›

Time for Debate, Not Despair


I’m torn up yet again by the enormous tidal wave of emotion surrounding Obama’s choice of Rick Warren as the pastor who’ll deliver the invocation at Obama’s inauguration. I understand where this torrent comes from. I understand the desperate impatience Read more ›

Prop 8, Its Aftermath, and Minority Communities


*I added this post in afterwards, out of some bizarre completionist, hyperscrupulous impulse I don’t understand, to have my whole month of November filled. Why? No idea. A sensible person would’ve just said, “fuck it, so there’s a big gap Read more ›