Comity of Clans in Clash of Clans

Hiro P, he of the “ladies <3 little guy” superpower, has found a clan he feels comfortable in on Clash of Clans. It has some live chatting among players (but very limited), and I monitor his conversations and remind him never to use his real name, mention his age, or any particulars about where he lives. It’s sort of perfect for gamers, as most conversations between clan members are like this:

crumboy: got minons, u want?
(Hiro P’s character name): me!
crumboy: k, good raiding mate
(Hiro P’s character name): ty crumboy
crumboy: np

So you see, grunting. Leetspeak. Misspellings. You can donate or receive giants, archers, wizards, and so on, and they all have various hit points when you attack a person’s compound and plunder their elixir and gold coins and enrich your own stash.

The way Clash of Clans works is that you shop & raid. It’s just pure capitalism: accumulation and loss, over and over again, like waxing and waning. Punctuated by lengthy periods of renovation on your compound. Oh, and you save up for dragons and redonkulously “expensive” things to decorate and defend your compound with. You join a clan and that helps you get bonus points after a raid, plus you have people who’ll help re-stock your clan castle with fighters.

Each clan has its own subculture. This one’s alpha human is Tinkerbell, and I think “she” actually is a she (7 hours away in a different time zone is another gamer gal?). Anyway, I appreciate her as she’s quite vigilant about enforcing reciprococity (unselfish donation to other clan members) and also the no cussing rule. In a clan, if you’re a clan elder you can kick out others who are mere members. Recently someone came on and started dropping f-bombs and n-bombs. Tink kicked that bro lickety split. And of course, Hiro P’s superpower being what it is, Tink is totally his big sister. She gives him high-value donations like healers and turbocharged minions and if anybody, would probably be the first to give him a coveted dragon.

How he does it, I have no idea. Through time zones, space, pseudonymity, and silly little medieval characters, Hiro P managed to find a protective big sis. It reassured me a little to know that not all gamers are creepy or mean (or men) and that many are mindful and look out for the kids who may be on playing with them. Thanks, Tink. If I could dap wands with you, I would.

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