Tiny Prints Cards, for the Moms in tha House

Tiny Prints for Mother’s Day cards

Tiny Prints cards, including Thank You cards

So we were ready to revel. I had beautiful Mother’s Day sample cards set out. There were pretty Thank You cards included as gifts to the guests.

L’il sliders

The catering arrived. Mmmm, bbq.

Ahhhh, wine

But wait!

We had an old school corkscrew that no one had the upper body strength to use properly!

Crisis! Surely moms of a different era were accustomed to drinking alcohol and had real corkscrews on hand!

And, lo! we had plastic juice cups instead of wine glasses!

I guess you can tell we are, uh, infrequent wine drinkers.

All’s well that ends well

I walked the women through the gorgeous selection of cards. Each one had been given a special discount code so they could create their own card on heavy paper stock, with patterns, colors, and photos of their choice. With Tiny Prints, you customize the cards the way you like, then they mail them out for you direct.

My friends all got chair massages.

The Herman Munster look

My husband got his nails done.

And then, we all had red velvet cake.
Happy Mother’s Day, mamas!

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