Tiny Prints Mother’s Day Cards

It’s a rite of passage: the macaroni-glued, glittery card I made for Mom, once upon a time.

When Tiny Prints reminded me of those childhood memories, and invited me to host a party featuring their beautiful custom Mother’s Day cards, I immediately agreed.

When I heard it could be a gorgeous Tiny Prints + Clever Girls Collective party with an opportunity to create and personalize cards for the special moms I know, and include the kind of pampering moms want — in-house manicures and professional masseuse available for chair massages — I leaped at the chance.

I don’t often get an opportunity to hang out with some of my favorite bloggy women. Weekday nights are usually for catching up with my kid’s doings during the day, overseeing homework, and following up with the shower/toothbrushing/bedtime routine. And I really did vacillate between inviting everyone’s families and just having my women friends over.

A sample of the Tiny Prints Mother’s Day cards
Ahhhh, wine

In the end, the chance to treat women I know with a relaxed, catered meal and wine — lots of wine — was just too tempting to resist. It was nice to take a minute to focus on our own pleasure, even as we talked about Mother’s Day cards we made for our own moms. And as it happens, it was a lovely event and I wish the evening could’ve gone on into the wee hours.

Stay tuned to find out what the cards look like, and how we survived the Great Corkscrew Disaster that was a speedbump to our revelry.

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