The Karmic Delight of a Dandelion Puff

We walk to the library and along the way, Hiro Protagonist stops with delight to pick dandelion puffs growing in the plots of grass between the sidewalk and the curb. First he picks them and holds them by the stem and blows, scattering the seeds everywhere. They land as soft as soap bubbles.

I point out out how some of the dandelions are growing in otherwise nicely tended green patches of lawn. “What if you’re scattering seeds and making new dandelions where they aren’t wanted?”

Hiro P alternates picking the stems and kicking the puffs apart. “Maybe,” he allows. “Maybe not.”

“Oh, so only grownups might find it a bad thing?” I ask.

“Yeah. But I’m really helping the other kids who come along who want to play with the dandelions too.” Kick, kick. “I don’t know them but I know they’d like more of them.”

Kid logic.

Kick. Kick. PUFF.

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