HB Surprises Me Sometimes

Our kid’s summer camp–part of the school district’s offerings–organizes really ambitious field trips for the kids, which is wonderful. I really appreciate it, and admire the organizational mojo it takes to herd 3 busloads of kids down to Knott’s Berry Farm near Disneyland (on day 3 of the summer camp, btw).

It’s very flexible, with the ability to have your kid attend 1-3 days a week, or all 5.

We did decide on the 3 days schedule one week, when they took the kids to Ringling Brothers Circus, which was performing in Los Angeles.

I’m not a huge fan of animal circuses. (Extremely ambivalent about zoos, too.) HB however feels that they’re sort of tragic, depressing, and grotesque.

So he emailed me this article that has footage PETA shot of the trainers whipping and beating elephants and tigers.

And then he told me he’d sent a very nice, polite, appreciative note to the summer camp organizers saying that we’d kept our kid from participating from the circus, and might they possibly read the article and perhaps consider substituting other activities instead of a visit to the circus in the future?

My jaw dropped. HB is nowhere near the letter-to-the-editor, drop a note, call my congressperson kind of person that I am. So when he does go out of his way to do something, it blows me away.

We talked about the article. I said I’m agreed with him that the circus isn’t the number one place I’d think of to take Hiro Protagonist. I also teased him: “Oh great, HiroP hasn’t even started school yet and we’re now known as the insane PETA people.”

And then, before I could think HB’s getting all lefty-crazy-liberal on me, he said, “Now PETA’s nuts. But I have to hand it to them that someone felt devoted enough to the cause to work at Ringling for half a year to get that footage. And you don’t even have to watch the footage or approve of the ‘sting’ to know that they mistreat the animals. Which I think is wrong.”

So there you go. A mystery wrapped in an enigma bundled into a conundrum…is my spouse.

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