P i l l o w b o o k Picks Review Policy

Welcome. This is where I review books, movies, food, things a mother to a little boy would find helpful, and ways to green your house.

I am picky. Sometimes ridiculously so, or, my standards are absurdly low. Sometimes on the same day.

Hopefully you’ll find information here that’s either entertaining, useful, or both.

If I do a review, I’ll tell you if

  • I paid for the item/service
  • it was sent to me/comped
  • if it was pitched to me by a publicist

If the product or service was pitched to me by a publicist, chances are I was paid to give my honest opinion, or I received some sort of goodie bag in exchange for writing the review that contained my honest opinion. I view that transaction much as country doctors used to do: products are a payment of a sort for services rendered. But it doesn’t change the diagnosis or the status of the patient.

Read all about my preferences and some of my past reviews here.

And if you still think I’d be a good match for reviewing your product or service, contact me at cyn3matic (at) gmail (dot) com.

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