And Yet More Road Trip Haiku

*I added this post in afterwards, out of some bizarre completionist, hyperscrupulous impulse I don’t understand, to have my whole month of November filled. Why? No idea. A sensible person would’ve just said, “fuck it, so there’s a big gap in my nonexistent NaBloMoPo.” But I guess I’m unreasonable. So that’s why everything is in purple green.

We hit the beach on our way back home. It inspired more haiku.

Surf flogs sand, flicks it

Bullwhip seaweed hastens thud,

Of mares’ hooves to shore. #tweetku

My Cali-born son loves the beach. Winter or summer or any time in between.

Kids love beaches, waves

Liminal, fresh from unknown

Amniotic roar #tweetku

Sometimes just looking out the window will spark something. We had a particularly beautiful full moon recently.

The moon, a lozenge

Melts on the tongue of night, lick’d

To flat, sharp sliver. #tweetku #haiku

I submitted that last one to a haiku contest where the first prize is a MacBook Air. They announce results tomorrow, but I don’t think I’ll check–years of entering contests for things has led me to the “assume NOT” attitude. I figure, if I won, someone would email me. If not, I’ll have to find some other haiku contests to enter. Even if I won, maybe I should find some other haiku contests to enter.

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