More Haiku

*I added this post in afterwards, out of some bizarre completionist, hyperscrupulous impulse I don’t understand, to have my whole month of November filled. Why? No idea. A sensible person would’ve just said, “fuck it, so there’s a big gap in my nonexistent NaBloMoPo.” But I guess I’m unreasonable. So that’s why everything is in purple green.

Sometimes all I have time to write creatively is a haiku. I don’t mean to trivialize what haiku is, the difficulty of writing a good one, or imply that it’s brevity makes it a minor literary form in any way. Not at all. As Mark Twain said, “I’d have written a shorter letter but I didn’t have time.”

I simply mean that to gather the powers of observation and still all the inner noise that makes it hard to hear the poem, it’s sometimes hard to carve out a little bit of the best meditative state in the middle of the chatter and bustle of everyday life. It takes a different part of your brain to write up your losses from theft for the insurance company than it does to think out a poem.

I know I said previously that I was askeered of twitter. Well, now I’ve given the Twitterverse ample opportunity to be scared of me.

I invented something called #Tweetkus and post those whenever I have a spare minute.

Haikus that were originally Tweetkus:

Quick, deep nectar sips

Hummingbirds skim flowers; delve

A blossom’s essence. #tweetku

A more traditional haiku, with a focus on nature.

Elsewhere leaves turn, here

The pond’s lily pads yellow,

Drown in tropic heat. #tweetku


This Tweetku–

Vicious, or resigned?

Hard times rain down, first soft–Then,

Force to knock teeth out. #tweetku

–led to this MOMocrats post.

And then:

Fall, & the spice of

Apples. Funk of wet leaves, mud

Perfume of cider. #tweetku

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