New Shoes, My Parents, Phone-banking

The Unreliable Narrator requested new “off-road” shoes. This is how you know you’re a sunny, warm-weather California kid: your kicks are Crocs, Crocs, and more Crocs. Or sandals. None of these are closed shoes or boots. And socks? What are those?

But winter in SoCal necessitates closed shoes or occasional rain boots with socks. And the UN likes a modified hiking boot with knobby-treaded soles–hence the “off-road” designation. Given that he actually likes to hike, the name isn’t so inaccurate.

*          *           *

I went to phone bank Sunday afternoon for the Obama campaign. The people in the corner of IN I called were mostly suspicious, unfriendly, election fatigued, and/or not Obama supporters. It was a huge bummer. Hope other parts of IN are more receptive.

I then called some people in FL, and the experience was MUCH better. Many of the people stopped eating dinner to talk with me and several wrote down the Obama voter hotline number in case of “funny” stuff happening at the polls. 65 year old man who’ll take his mother, YOU ROCK for voting Obama.

I also sent out a call to N. St Louis people for Obama GOTV efforts–a friend said that volunteer efforts in that office are way below what they need to help people get in line and stay there to vote. IF YOU LIVE NEAR ST. LOUIS AND CAN HELP ON ELECTION DAY, PLEASE GO HERE TO HELP. LEAVE ME A COMMENT AND I’LL GET YOU INFORMATION ON WHERE TO GO AND WHO TO CONTACT.

*         *         *

My parents are home from Shanghai, where they have a condo and live for 3-4 months of the year. (It sounds very exotic and fabulous and chic, and it is insofar as your quiet Chinese naturalized American retirees like to soak up the excitement from big city living in the country of their birth. And because the exchange rate is favorable, they actually save money when they live over there.)

As they just came home on October 26, this was the first chance they had to come and see our new house. I think they liked the guest bedroom suite on the first floor where they can stay overnight.

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