Obligatory Kickoff NaBloPoMo Post Featuring Cute Halloween Kid

The Unreliable Narrator will turn five years old in mid-November. This was really the last year he could’ve been Yoda; apparently it’s hard to find ready-made Yoda costumes for people under 48″ tall.

"Cute I am."

The Unreliable Narrator as Yoda:

It was completely gratifying. Everyone knew who he was. (In some ways, isn’t that the semiotic payoff of a well-chosen or executed costume? It’s a drag to have to explain it on every doorstep.) He got much props from adults and older kids. There were a lot of storm troopers and Darth Vaders out there, several Anakin and Luke Skywalkers, but due to the difficulty of finding the right-sized Yoda costume mentioned above, I think the Unreliable Narrator sailed away with honors on the Recognition and Coolness fronts.

He chose to trick or treat with HB, so I stayed home and doled out candy. We gave out vitamin C gummy candies, which a friend informed me puts us on the nerdy “Fruit or raisins” category. I tweeted back something on the order of ‘at least we haven’t descended to giving out packets of Taco Bell sauce.’

We easily had 200+ trick or treaters.

The Unreliable Narrator collected a truly modest amount of candy, then came home after a small victory lap around the neighborhood and decided he liked giving out the candy more than collecting it. (He also loves broccoli and Chinese greens. Child will need some vices to keep him balanced; Star Wars Lego computer game may be one.)

What did you see in your neighborhood? This is what I noticed:


  • Witch
  • Black cat
  • Cheerleader
  • Princess/fairy
  • Wonder Woman/Supergirl
  • Bunny/monkey
  • Devil


  • Star Wars Storm Trooper/Anakin/Luke/Darth
  • Spiderman
  • Superman
  • Cowboy
  • Insane Clown minus posse
  • Zombie
  • Jigsaw/Joker
  • Werewolf

We had blessedly few politically-themed trick or treaters. I tried to go low-key with the politics too, putting a grinning jack o’lantern next to my Barack o’lantern. And keeping my Shepard Fairey “Obama-HOPE” poster in the background, in case anyone cared to look.

We did get a lot of compliments for our Barack o’lantern.

And every so often in between throngs of kids, I’d lift up the lid and sniff the sugary scent of pumpkin roasted by candle flame.

It was a great Halloween.

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