So Proud to Know Her

One of the truly wonderful things about being a MOMocrat is having just a stellar group of smart women to hang with. They smarten me up through osmosis and inspire me with their gifts. And I’ve had the privilege of watching them all flower in different ways. To call out just a few (there are 22 of us, and every day someone is doing another amazing thing, these are simply a few of the latest):

Jaelithe is an awesome interviewer and ace spin-debunker.

Jen has the biggest heart in the world.

Julie can write so fast and so clearly it’s dazzling. (She’s still *at* this conference, covering it and live-tweeting it, *and* she did this post. Dayum. Wish my brain worked that fast and well.)

And Steph–well, she’s taken a group she’s been instrumental in founding and nourished it and thrown herself into it and now Blue Star Families for Obama is having a real, measurable impact in Virginia and around the country. I am so humbled and awed by her achievements.


I am humbled and awed by *every* MOMocrats’ special super-powers.

So proud, and honored, to know them all.

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