Hi Poor Neglected Readers, I’m Back

Hey, went to Denver and had a bad case of Angeleno feet (too ugly for a picture, trust me) from walking everywhere. Went dancing at some fun DNC parties. Ran all over downtown Denver with typical conference ADHD–meaning, the smorgasbord was so enticing it was hard to choose what to eat. And it was impossible to eat it all, much as I wanted to.

Day 1: I described the DNC as “Sundance for policy wonks.”

Day 1.5: someone snarked at us being “mommybloggers.” I am exhausted but come back with “Who’s a MOMocrat?”

Days 2-5: Blur, until I won a coveted Hall Press Pass which got me into Invesco Field. I float home on a Obama-Biden high of feelgood love, My Kid Will Have a Good Life emotions.

I come home thinking, Ah, I can relax a little. Let those Republicans do their mischief. Then, wham! McCain chooses this younger Phyllis Schlafly, a drama mama with Jerry Springer issues, as a running mate. And it’s off to the races again.

If you just want to cut to the chase of Reasons Palin Is A Scary Possibly Anti-Semitic Anti-Choice Right-Winger, and you want to hear it set to music, go here. (You’re welcome Big ’80s/Thompson Twins fans.)

It is brilliant.

And then I got really, really mad and wrote this: “McCain-Palin: The GOP’s Zombie Ticket Promise a Dawn of the Dead and Not a “Morning in America.”

I wouldn’t say zen calm returned, but I felt much better after purging all the ick that the RNC set loose in the world.

In the midst of all of this, our offer on a house was accepted (surprisingly) and we suddenly owned a new house and have to sell our old one. YIKES. Right into an economic climate that everyone is calling “the Second Great Depression.”


So, I’m surrounded by boxes and dust bunnies, and hoping we aren’t totally screwed.

Spouse has a mantra: “Any house will sell so long as you price it right.” I guess we’re about to test that theory.

Put on your seatbelts, kids, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride…all the way to November.

P.S. I missed all ten of you lots! What have you been up to?

7 thoughts on “Hi Poor Neglected Readers, I’m Back

  1. You’re baaack! Thank god, I was going through intelligentpoliticalsnark and makemecrymommystories withdrawl. Seriously, welcome back, Cyn!!

    I’ve been up to writing and getting a new puppy! Which makes me so aware that I am not ready for motherhood. But I am a dog mom, so I guess I can still be a MOMocrat.


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    Hi Ron Ross, I mean, “Wade”! Your non-factual anti-Obama trolling has been disemvowelled. Have a nice day! –Cynematic

  3. whee, you’re back! the jewish mother in me was getting rather concerned.

    what’ve i been up to? lord, i can’t even begin. suffice to say, it’s not pretty, but it is. it. just. is.

    but i’m glad to see you’re back in good form!

  4. THe reason you all hate Sarah Palin is she is something you don’t understand. Shes a normal person that wants good for everyone. Doesn’t whine and complain about hundreds of trival issues like a liberal and point fingers at everyone else. ANd the real sad thing, the poor lady just happens to be nice looking so you all even use THAT against her…pathetic. And your supposed to be for womens rights….RIGHT!!
    ..and fyi… Wade IS my name.. Middle.

  5. Ron, Wade, whatever…this blog is a “love it or bite me” blog. Meaning, if you find my opinions as tiresome as I find yours, you’re welcome to flock with birds of a feather on another blog.


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