What They Carried

My new laptop backpack, bought so I could cover the DNC hands-free.

My son’s accumulated allowance: $19.43 in pennies, nickels, quarters, and one wrinkly dollar bill.

A jar of coins: again, pennies, nickels, quarters, about $60 total.

Jewelry. Our wedding bands, bought when we were twenty-three and had no money. (But still. They had the date of our wedding inscribed.)

A nice men’s dress watch.

A giant barrel of my son’s Tinkertoys.

One new laptop, one old laptop, one very very old laptop. Two out of three had drafts of grant applications and other assorted material relating to the documentary, and drafts of the nonfiction book proposal. I may have backed those up; I’ll find out tonight. Upon learning that the third one was missing, I cried. Up til then, I’d been numb.

Work over the course of four years. Just left the house, walked out the door, went to some flea market or pawnshop. As good as disappeared.

There’s more, but that’s all I can register right now.

11 thoughts on “What They Carried

  1. oh geez, i am so sorry to hear about this! our upstairs neighbors were robbed a few weeks ago and they think the robbers came through the window off our (shared) fire escape. the loss coupled with the invasion is so awful and traumatic. so so sorry, honey.

  2. OH! I am so sorry. I feel physical pain for your loss, so I cannot imagine how you feel. I wish I had more than empathy for you right now. I have some prayers to the universe that your backups are safe.

  3. Thanks for the condolences. I had my mourning for lost work, and now the whirl of DNC preparation plus not having any childcare puts an end to my wallow.

    It could’ve been much much worse.

    And you know? The funny thing is that they bothered to close the door when they left our house oh so hastily. Now the small mercy in that is our two house cats, who’d instantly be run over or eaten by coyotes if they wandered outside, were safe and sound and in our house where they belonged. I’m grateful for that.

  4. i was away, so apologies for the delay.

    i am SO sorry to hear that. i remember when we were in disney world when i turned 13. we had to come home, as we had a break-in. they took so much, including my brother’s huge coin collection — they probably only thought they were pennies and nickels and dimes and never figured out the true worth.

    i have nightmares that someone will steal my laptop and my backup, which is in my laptop case, of my two novels. if nothing else, this is a wakeup call to me to separate the two.

    once again, i am so, so sorry!!!

  5. Thank you all for your expressions of concern. I’ve had no time to mourn or even register much of anything. The past month has been a blur.

    Is it me, or is the world spinning faster?

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