I Am Askeered of Twitter

I used to be askeered of people. I was a shy kid, and I still have “issues” about being known and revealing myself and being public. Maybe, growing up in a small upstate NY town, I interpreted being stared at in the grocery store (there were only about 7 Asian American families in our town of 25,000 people) as bad, negative, and scary. Maybe I’m simply an introvert if an introvert is someone who finds most people a huge expenditure of energy, instead of the extrovert who feeds off it and becomes more energized.

Now, as I like to say, I’m a charter member of Oversharers Anonymous. Evidence: I have this-here freaking BLOG, and the nerve to think people would be interested in my semi-informed opinion on public policy and the state of our union at MOMocrats, for pete’s sake. It’s typical WriterGirl Neurosis: like Emily Dickinson I’m here sewing up my verbiage into octos and quartos for distribution at some imagined future time, but perfectly happy to burrow into my hermitage and really only deal with tiny groups of people in classic introvert style. What is a writer but someone with fame-whore tendencies, something to say, who can’t be bothered to leave the house, and yet is incapable of silence?

Now, I’m askeered of Twitter. I’m shy but enjoy being bold with my words.

That, I submit, is a bad combination…my hot mess all over Twitter? Yikes.*

I put my messages into bottles and put them out to sea. They eventually land somewhere. People read them, or not, or send one back. It’s for your protection, as well as mine, people (all 9 of you), that I avoid the Twitter. Nobody needs their beach cluttered with my bottles. One every so often is charming, a hundred million bottles from me a little embarrassing, if not downright polluting.

So I think it’s wonderful that people are able to connect in this amazing, Borg-like, hive-mind way. I love that we are social animals. I’m even willing to admit I’m a social animal too. But I continue to want to hide in plain sight.

So please do not be offended if I am not twittering with you. I think I would get addicted to it, and then my family would have to have an intervention, and I would try to Twitter you from rehab, and it would only go downhill from there.

*I submit other people would be and are more grown up, and have better boundaries, about Twitter than I could ever hope to be. I.e., they would not be hot messing their entire selves on Twitter.

5 thoughts on “I Am Askeered of Twitter

  1. I am an occasional Twitterer. The thing is, I’m never clever, interesting, or funny in a 140 characters or fewer. My wit and humor need more like 153 characters before they even start taking shape.


    I’ve so far managed to resist the urge as well. I think it would be bad news bears for any pretense I have towards productivity.

    Kind of like my blog. But worse.



  3. @ Ilinap: ah, your metier is the Verizon Text Message, at 153 characters or less! :)

    @ Sugared Harpy: eh, world did not collapse. Hmm. I question my ability to ignore it, though.

    @ May: pro…duct…ivity? Whassat?

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