3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Almost There

  1. jools’ favorite color is pink because his sister’s favorite color is pink. i personally have no issues with that, but there is a part of me that wonders whether he’ll get his a$$ kicked for that in kindergarten in the fall ::sigh:: i sure hope there are other little boys in his class who like pink and red, too.

  2. Ilinap, Wreke,
    Glad to hear there are other little boys who like to rock the pink out there.

    I don’t care either, but, quoting one of my favorite lines from RAISING ARIZONA, “It’s a hard world out there on little things.”

    And yeah, the gendering starts in earnest around 5 years old and I’m dreading the day some precocious little brat introduces my child to the concept of homophobia/gender-typing.

    The UN’s school is pretty good on zero-tolerance for homophobia (we have lots of gay parents, which I am happy about) and downplaying the gender-typing, but we know the rest of the world is not so great on that.

    Hence, Mama Bear tendencies. And what assertiveness training we can manage at home.

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