Humvee Escapades in Silverlake and Santa Monica


I’ve fulminated about Humvees here before. Back in 2003, I believe it was. As symbol of the worst Republican/right-wing hubris, corruption, and in-your-face Fuck You to the global climate crisis, it was hard to stomach the sight of these cars Read more ›

Robert Stacy McCain Would Rather Women Bloggers Just Sat Down and Shut Up


Okay, whatever my insecurities about Blogher ’08, I’m ready to rage against one small-dicked guy named Robert Stacy McCain who basically snarked and made fun of blogs by women and by extension the entire women’s blogosphere. A somewhat shallow NYT Read more ›

Lonesome George a Dad?


He’s anywhere from 60-90 years old! (And he’s a Galapagos tortoise. Possibly the last one of his kind.) Conservationists have tried a variety of methods to get the tortoise to mate, including artificial insemination, manual stimulation and having George watch Read more ›


Some Thoughts on Identity for the Blogher Race and Gender Session: A First Draft


In case you hadn’t noticed, race and gender were at the forefront of everyone’s awareness as the primary season wore on this past spring. There’s been a lot said about identity politics from the left and the right. Let me Read more ›

Get 235 MPG? Hell, Yeah!


Ok, it’s kinda ugly, but I’d drive this car in a heartbeat: the VW One-Liter concept car. It becomes available for mass production/consumption (in limited markets) in 2010. It’s the Batmobile. How is it so fuel-efficient? It’s light and sleek, Read more ›