Strike Means Shut L.A. Down

First, there was the WGA strike. Now, it looks like after July 8, we’ll find out if the actors (SAG) go on strike.

This town took a huge economic hit November through February when the writers walked. I don’t think LA has bounced back completely since then, but we’ll take another huge hit if actors walk. This, combined with the disproportionate subprime mortgage meltdown in Southern California (both the home lending businesses based here and the vanishing housing appreciation), has meant a really really weak economy in Los Angeles.


One thought on “Strike Means Shut L.A. Down

  1. It’s everywhere…we’re in Atlanta. We had hired a contractor to stain our concrete floors. He called us the day before the job to tell us that business had been so slow, he couldn’t get enough work for his crew. So they just packed up and went back to Mexico. I told my husband, it says something about the US economy if the workers feel like they’re actually better off back in Mexico. (my oh-so-sarcastic hubby replied that maybe that was the Bush plan on immigration…tank the economy so they’d all go home on their own and not want to come here…after all, Bush is rich enough that a tanked economy doesn’t affect him or anyone he knows anyway, so why should he care?)

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