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So, I’m wondering if we mothers of sons who were feminists to begin with became more radicalized and anti-war as this Iraq War has dragged on and become a living nightmare. And as a result, tended to support Obama in greater numbers.

And if mothers of daughters who were feminists to begin with tended to focus on more domestic issues and/or may have supported Clinton in greater numbers because her campaign was so historic for women. And as a result, the Iraq War and resulting quagmire was not the dealbreaker it was for others.

Huge sweeping generalization. Totally thrown off by mothers who have sons and daughters. And about a zillion other factors. But still. It’s yet another twist on this Who Feminists Vote For dead horse we love to blog so much. If I were a feminist sociologist or demographer, I might try polling around to see what answers I got.


3 thoughts on “Meta-Mama Musing

  1. Hard to say…I’m a mom-to-be, but when I voted on Super Tuesday, I didn’t yet know if it was a boy or a girl (now we know we’re having a son). But the war isn’t why I voted for Obama. There were many reasons, more having to do with who he is as a person and his character (and the fact that i felt Clinton would draw out a larger base of republicans who aren’t thrilled with John McCain but would love to vote against a Clinton again). That, and I felt Obama had a better chance at inspiring more people to vote (for him), and to amass more independent, moderate, republican, and swing voters. So I felt him more electable. And that was most important to me.

  2. Jenny Johnson on

    Interesting idea. I hadn’t thought about it like that, but there may be a germ of something there. For what it’s worth, I have two boys (ages 5 and 6), and am a strong Obama supporter, mainly because of his opposition to the war.

  3. Obama’s stance on the war is one the main reasons I support him. I actually did a bit of unofficial research on this very topic. I am a consumer researcher for a living so I can’t help but turn everything that interests me into a project. What I found is that depending on the age of the boys, women definitely had the war (and chance for their sons to go clean up the mess one day) top of mind when choosing a candidate. Many of the women supported Hillary for what she represented as a role model. So, your hypothesis is somewhat right on based on my unofficial findings.

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