Women Love Smartphones

Especially moms. I could’ve been paid truckloads of money to tell these people this simple fact! The reason is that moms love to catch up on email and update their blogs without having to lug a laptop around. One secret of momhood is that there’s a good 75% of what your child is telling you at any given time that is just idle chitchat and you can secretly scan a few headlines or see who texted you with one eye while other makes sure the kiddoo is not bleeding, crying, or in distress with the other. The other 75% of the time you’re waiting on your child. Waiting for him to finish one last swing across the monkey bars. “Five more minutes” of playing with his friends. Waiting for him to use the bathroom. So why not see what your ten thousand best virtual friends are up to? And moms, they are worse than tweens when it comes to Twitter.

So far I have resisted Twitter. It should be called Oversharers Anonymous, and I am OA #1. It’s bad enough that I blog!

2 thoughts on “Women Love Smartphones

  1. LA Blogger Gal on

    Until I upgraded to my blackberry (by handing off my old not-so-smart-phone to my dad), I just didn’t see the appeal. Now, I can’t imagine life without being so wired. Thankfully though, I was able to control myself, and infrequently (not totally unplugged, but enough) check up on things while on vacation. I didn’t read any blogs, but I did post one quick entry and twitter from time to time ;-)

  2. oh, sister, tell me about it.

    i feel the twitter pull all.the.time!!!!

    i too have resisted the dark side .

    so far, at least. ;)

    but DO tell me if you cave!

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