Six Years of Carping…

…on this blog about how we were led to this godawful war in Iraq by a venal, lying administration, a craven and cowardly mainstream media, and by our fellow scared-out-of-our-minds jingoistically-leaning Americans…and it’s all summarized in this brief post. And even better, by the journalists who DID get it right, in this brief post. Certainly a good 85% of this blog has been devoted to railing against the above. (With some detours for cats, my son, and whatever silliness caught my eye.) Well, and it might all culminate in something. I have a tiny glimmer of hope for 2009, and the housecleaning Obama promises if he’s elected.

Scott McLellan‘s book has been getting all kinds of headlines.

Me? I’d like to hear more. Get Karl Rove’s subpoenaed butt (twice! here and here! why is this man appearing as a commentator on Fox and going about his business?) into Congress for a spanking. And let’s have Scott McLellan talk more about his book–not on the talk show circuit, but in front of a bunch of frowning Senators and Congressmen under oath.

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