Hey, DNC, Here We Come!!

Okay, I admit, I did a huge, age-inappropriate SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!! when we found out that the MOMocrats will be fully credentialed bloggers at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, CO, this August!

W00t! Yours truly will be there, blogging anything and everything that seems interesting. (I’m already wondering if someone will do a story on the prostitutes that come to town every time there’s a huge convention…? Maybe not me. I’ll leave that one for Fox TV.)

Normally it’s said that “DC is Hollywood for ugly people.” (What does that make academia? High school for chubby, nerdy, bitterly-underpaid older people? Ahem, not that my parents were college teachers.) But just look at how good-looking and downright hot the last three Democratic candidates standing are: Hillary Clinton–have you had some very discreet work done? If so, brava, honey, because you look AMAZING. Positively dewy. And that’s probably the nicest thing I can think of to say about you and your campaign right now. John Edwards, he of the nice hair and cute accent. I’m hoping you make Attorney General, babe! And then, of course, there’s Mr. Million Megawatt Smile himself, Barack Obama. Bringing sexy back to wonk.

It’s shallow and silly, but I hope a thousand civic-minded one-hour drama tv shows featuring progressive politics bloom, and young people find it honorable, cool, and maybe even sexy-ish to go into public service.

Just look at the effect John F. Kennedy’s wind-tousled hair (and his policies, of course) had on a generation of baby boomers.

2 thoughts on “Hey, DNC, Here We Come!!

  1. I was hoping you’d cover the prostitute angle. You know, a “Cynematic Undercover Exclusive”. I’m pretty sure they don’t have health care benefits.

  2. Ha, Glennia! :) Wasn’t it enough I volunteered for the MOMocrats “hot dog cart” outside the convention if we didn’t get credentialed?

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