Moms Speak Up, on Uninsured Children

Through MOMocrats, I’ve met some of the most intelligent, fun, politically aware, sassy, and committed women I’ve ever known. I worship them. So far they haven’t run me off, though a few (the Clinton supporters) may have been sorely tempted. :P

To think I blogged years ago about feeling like there had to be other women like me, who felt that motherhood connected us more firmly to the world we live in and deepened our desire to make it a better place, instead of motherhood being something to be tolerated or minimized so we could go on much as we have before. Back then, I wondered where all those like-minded moms were. Now I know where to find them–there’s Momsrising, there’s MOMocrat Julie’s MomsSpeakUp, and about a zillion other places online where women with kids have a voice, community, and outlet for political action.

Anyway, MomsSpeakUp is featuring uninsured children in a series of posts. There’s nothing like a few specific examples of everyday kids and their families to make the need for insurance clear.

When you think of the tremendous good preventative care does for kids as they grow, when you realize that for every healthy kid who bops in to the pediatrician’s office twice a year, there are kids with complex, heartwrenching illnesses or disorders who require much more testing, treatment, and monitoring for them to be well… it’s easy to get worked up. But the Children’s Defense Fund has been working on this issue for decades. They have plenty of concrete suggestions for us all to help. And it’s time to use whatever leverage we can all muster this election year to get everyone, but especially kids, covered.

I mean really, what kind of a civilization are we otherwise?

3 thoughts on “Moms Speak Up, on Uninsured Children

  1. Your last question is exactly why I can’t just sit by.

    And thank you for promoting this and not sitting by either.


    P.S. I KNOW…it’s something amazing, isn’t it, to find the race that knows Joseph for us.

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