Hey, DNC, Here We Come!!


Okay, I admit, I did a huge, age-inappropriate SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!! when we found out that the MOMocrats will be fully credentialed bloggers at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, CO, this August! W00t! Yours truly will be there, blogging anything and Read more ›

Six Years of Carping…


…on this blog about how we were led to this godawful war in Iraq by a venal, lying administration, a craven and cowardly mainstream media, and by our fellow scared-out-of-our-minds jingoistically-leaning Americans…and it’s all summarized in this brief post. And Read more ›

The Healing Power of Mah Jong?


This article makes my heart feel heavy: (NYT) “Many Florida Jews Express Doubts on Obama.” Mainly because it’s evidence that the allegiance between two stalwart constituencies of the Democratic Party, Jewish Americans and African Americans, is terribly tattered. Has been Read more ›