Lovecraft, Quintessentially L.A.

This biodiesel conversion business is in my general ‘hood. I live in Los Prius (Los Feliz) and Lovecraft is a short hop from me in Silver Lake. (Fancy that, they have a Portland, OR branch too! Well there you go, look at how crunchy our neighborhoods are.)

I had no idea that the business was so shady. This LA Times article goes into detail with interviews from customers who bought lemons. (Hi Kristina!) I think that was the problem–they not only offered the gas diesel to biodiesel conversion technology, but they also sold cars.

With back-and-forth lawsuits and allegations of drug use, bribery and fraud, the tiff has morphed into what one not-very-satisfied customer called a “huge hipster soap opera.”

Either one would’ve been a huge business on its own, requiring a lot of expertise, but to ask one person whose background may not have been suited to either to do both is asking for trouble. Then when you have someone buy out the original business owner, but he stays on…well.

Too bad, seems like they’ve shut down temporarily to get on top of the mess.

One thought on “Lovecraft, Quintessentially L.A.

  1. Hi Everyone!
    Don’t worry! We’re here, alive and well in Los Angeles and Portland.
    All conversions are by appointment only.
    Please give us a buzz Monday-Friday from 9-5 and Saturday from 10-4 at 323.644.9072. You can always check out our website for info.
    Thanks and have a great day!

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