Candidate Songs: Put That in Your iPod and Smoke It

New post up at MOMocrats on candidate music, both pro and am.

An excerpt below:

Then, there’s today’s huge announcement that the Boss–you got it, Bruuuuuuuuuuuce–came off the fence and endorsed Barack Obama. Now that is big!


And an extra dose of Bruuuuuuuce, cuz who can resist "Badlands"?


You’re welcome! Now rock on wit’ your bad self!

3 thoughts on “Candidate Songs: Put That in Your iPod and Smoke It

  1. Wreke,
    Sorry my tags were all screwed up–I really like that version of “Badlands” too. Fixed now.

    And yes, I consider Bruuuuuuce Obama bait for fence-sitters! ;)

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