Wordless Wednesday: Easter Eggs Hatch…Baby Dinosaurs?

We found these cool toys that are like next-gen sea monkeys. Remember how you’d sprinkle the “sea monkeys” into water and watch them grow?

Well, this very realistic-looking egg hatches when you put it in water.

No, he’s not spongy. Rubbery. It’s all very mysterious and probably slightly toxic. But cool.

14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Easter Eggs Hatch…Baby Dinosaurs?

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  2. We had the same thing but the egg was a little damaged so it didn’t come out of the shell so nicely. I threw it away pretty soon after. The feel was so weird.

  3. What’ll they come up with next?!!!

    My W W is a very short video of the sunrise over the Gulf of Mexico! Hope to see you there, visiting with me today.

    Happy Wednesday

  4. freaky! it would be a nice change of pace for jools, though, as he likes those little capsules that turn into little sponge animals in water. where did you find that?

  5. Wreke, I got it at the local shi-shi grocery store. I think I’ve also seen them online. I’ll bet more moms & pops-y toy stores have them also.

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