Wordless Wednesday: Elephant Painting and Kidstuff

First, the elephant. Skip if you don’t have 8 minutes to watch an elephant paint.


Easter weekend in Palm Springs.

Sure enough, there was cupcake decorating.

There was iguana wrassling.

Snake charming.

Pony riding.

Baby duckling cuddling.

And yes, the Easter bunny parachuting out of an airplane.

With a rainbow parachute that he could maneuver to do tricks.

5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Elephant Painting and Kidstuff

  1. LOVE the Elmo shirt! And how fun he was able to decorate his own cupcake.

    And the pony ride … aww.

    But the reptiles. Eek! He’s a braver soul than I.

  2. Palm Springs eh? I’ve spent a couple dozen Easters out that way (DHS) – I love how there’s always lots of community stuff to do!

    Great pictures, and happy WW :-)

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