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I wrote about the Clinton campaign and the Ferraro debacle (amazing followup here in a televised “Special Comment” by Keith Olbermann), and urged both candidates to inspire us instead of mudwrestle. Both are up now.

And I’ve had on slow boil a long post on Clinton and how I’ve gone from feeling like Clinton-Obama or Obama-Clinton would be a dream ticket to how Clinton disturbingly resembles the Republicans she purports to run against.

3 thoughts on “New Posts Up at MOMocrats

  1. Great piece. I’m disappointed because as a young, emerging feminist taking womens studies classes in the 80s, I was really inspired by Ferraro. I like the phrase oppression of one is oppression of all, or something like that

  2. I agree 100%. The *only* change I feel we’d see with Clinton is gender. Everything else would be politics as usual…

  3. Thanks, Jenni and Sara! I feel so strongly that we finally have a chance to vote FOR something/someone new in Obama that it makes me angry to think I might have to hold my nose (again) and vote against McCain with a vote for Clinton.

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