Unable to Mind My Own Beeswax Update, part 3

So, the letter I posted to the Burt’s Bees Blog requesting biodegradable waxed unbleached paper is now up. (I’d sent a snail-mail version several weeks ago too.) I guess it went through their moderation process.

Please go on over there and post a “Me too!” for biodegradable waxed unbleached paper. Please do add things like “Free trade beeswax, while you’re at it,” and any other improvements you can think of.

Let’s get more waxed paper and fewer plastic sandwich bags out there, what d’ya say? Good for your kid (or yourself) and good for the planet.

And help yourself to a button in the sidebar or at the original post. (I’m kinda new at this badge/button thing, and should probably post some code, but I have no clue how to do that.)


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