Think Maybe Batman’s On Twitter? Holy Logjam Alert!

Because the Batsignal to his cell phone seems to be in a dead spot.

As MOMocrats before me have eloquently posted here, here, here, and as is flying around the blogosphere everywhere, Democrats are in the position of having two tenacious and very good candidates potentially exhaust themselves–and the public–with a long-drawn out battle to the nomination. All the while, McCain relaxes and lobs potshots at either candidate at his leisure, resting and building up contributions and fattening his strategy playbook while Clinton and Obama take swings at each other.

Don’t. Even. Get. Me. Started. On. Nader.

Now I’ve been a Democrat long enough to know that if we know excel at one thing, it’s banding the wagons together for a nice circular firing squad. WTF?

Can we not do this JUST ONCE?

…[suggestions; full article cross-posted at MOMocrats]

Don’t make me send George Clooney after you to open up a can of whupass. Because he will bend your ear about Darfur and then you’ll be sorry.

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