Hussein-ematic Says: Oh…Snap!

Hey, it’s February 29, 2008, a freebie day that’s a whole 24 hours to fit in all the stuff that I’m behind on!

So I might as well just get my random snark out now. Join me in meme-ing, if you’re so moved.

Just Call Me Hussein-ematic

Bill Cunningham snarked on Barack Hussein Obama’s middle name, trying to get all racist and Islamophobe-baiting widdit. Could the attempt BE any more childish, stupid, racist, and superficial? Is it possible for the freaks on Fox to operate in any other way than shouty and shrill? I guess if you’re backing up the dumptruck to unload racist code words in roundabout fashion and you’re preying on the stupidity of the ignorant and aggrieved, then you have to bellow to make your point seem legitimate.

Cunningham, decibel level should not exceed IQ, yo. (Snap!)

Not only is this a new low, and ridiculous, as my sister MOMocrats have pointed out, but I’m wondering if McCain can (or wants to?) keep the lowbrow attack-dog element of the Republican party in check as he’s promised he will if Obama’s the Democratic nominee.

If there’s any silver lining, then maybe it’s the shitstorm **cough** Bill “I love my Muslim brothers and sisters…I revel in it, I worship it” Cunningham **gag** has stirred will stick to McCain. When you fling poo, it sticks to you, too. Let it be the millstone around McCain’s neck, let him be burdened with having to show that the GOP is more than a bunch of crazy bible-thumpers, bigots, and mean rich people.

At best McCain’s genuinely interested in substantive debate; at worst, he’s content to be the good cop to Cunningham’s bad cop.

Cross-posted at MOMocrats.

In a related new item…

William F. Buckley is Dead. Finally.

What’s up with the “wasn’t he a lovely man/civil fellow/so learned” bullshit surrounding William F. Buckley’s death? (I noticed Nixon and Reagan received the same disproportionate huzzahs when they died too.) Why is he celebrated for helping to launch “big-tent” conservatism when it’s simply sufficient to acknowledge that he put a veneer of educa-ma-cation on bigotry and self-congratulatory class Darwinism? So he had manners and a klassy-sounding, fake (oops, I mean, his own idiolect) accent. So what? Classic “born on third, thought he hit a triple” conservative. In many cases, Buckley did the equivalent of throwing a 500-thread count sheet on yer local klansman; he actively supported politicians, programs, and policies that increased misery and suffering in the world.

Maybe all the gushing over Buckley’s passing is really mourning the fact that we have the Limbaughs, O’Reillys, and Coulters as dominant voices of conservatism today. I’d argue that Buckley-style civility was the exception to the rule and modern conservatism is just reverting back to its true form, braying out the same old undisguised, disingenuous hatefulness.

Bitches Get Things Done

And, since we’re being all huffy about it here, a shout-out to my pretend BFF Tina Fey, with whom I’ve carried on a one-sided cyber friendship for some time now: Bitch is the New Black. With one crack about “Ronald Reagan turning into an old woman in front of our eyes,” you did a million times more to expose and temporarily lance the misogynist pus-filled boil that is most of the male (conservative) punditocracy in America than well-meaning Robin Morgan’s detailed list of the same. So three snaps in Z formation (as they used to say on In Living Color) for Tina Fey. Way to use the boob-tube to call it what it is, sister.

Vehemently oppose the misogyny in media coverage of Senator Clinton’s presidential run, and at the same time support Senator Obama’s presidential run for feminist reasons in the same breath? Yeah, this bitch is complicated that way. Snap!

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  1. MinivanBohemian (and what a great name that is),
    Thanks for stopping by! Glad you enjoyed me going off. Seems to happen a lot.

    Anyway, feel free to come back and read the less ranty ravings too.


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