A Confession: I’m Bi

Well that got your attention. Smirk.
I’m bi-candidate, just like Margaret Cho.

To clarify, I’ve never been a misogynist Hilary-hater. I lack respect for some of her choices (like voting to authorize the Iraq war), and I respect many of her other choices having to do with universal health insurance and work on behalf of women and children.

It’s just that in general, as with movies, I tire of sequels easily. For that reason, I’m not so keen on the Bush or Clinton dynasties adding another to the preceding chapters.

But hey, my strong need to feel proud of my country, instead of ashamed of it, and my equally strong need to elect Anyone But More of the Same Bu(ll)sh(it), leads me to feel that either Obama-Clinton, or Clinton-Obama, would be infinitely better than our last eight years of infamy.

So let me just come out as bi-candidate too. I made my preferences known on Super Tuesday, but it’s all good, as the kids liked to say back in 2005.

3 thoughts on “A Confession: I’m Bi

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