Roe v. Wade Around the Blogosphere

Roe V. Wade is 35 years old today. has a roundtable discussion where reproductive rights activists weigh in on the state of Roe v. Wade. There’s also an interview with Dr. Susan Wicklund, a doctor who’s written about her work providing abortions to women at Planned Parenthood clinics, and having to wear bullet-proof vests to do so: This Common Secret.

Among the patients Dr. Wicklund has treated: women who’ve traveled over 50 miles to get an abortion, only to be almost turned away for lack of funds. A young woman who had been one of the anti-choice protesters outside her clinic. A college student who was president of her campus’ anti-choice group, who remained head of that group.

The LA Times has one report about the decline in overall numbers of abortions, and how the “overnight pill” may have something to do with this. It also discusses an increased focus by reproductive rights activists on contraceptive education among young people.

Check out this brief, moving journal kept by a Planned Parenthood worker: I Am Emily X: The True-Life Diary of a Planned Parenthood Frontline Activist and Worker.

In 2006 I blogged about South Dakota’s experiment in criminalizing a woman’s right to choose. Fortunately for the women of South Dakota, the effort failed.

Lastly, I’m a mother who is grateful that I live in an area where there are lots of options and reproductive health is one part of overall women’s health. I feel profound love for my wanted, much-adored child AND deep gratitude that I have choices. I believe other women ought to have the same sovereignty over their bodies’ childbearing years that I do.

May women of the world have plentiful, safe, legal choices.

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