Happy Chinese New Year, Falun Gong-Style (Yikes)

Just say thanks, but no thank you. Chinese New Year is February 7, 2008 this year, in case you’re making preparations to go home or celebrate in some way.

I’ve written about this before, in I Sent My Parents Straight Into the Jaws of a Cult. (How embarrassing! But I did get to hear my senior citizen dad drop the f-bomb, which almost–barely–made it worthwhile.)

Here’s an LA Times article that elaborates on who and what Falun Gong is. Upshot: going to the New Tang Dynasty New Year Spectacular is like attending an “Indian cultural festival” sponsored by the Hare Krishnas.

So non-Chinese parents of Chinese girl adoptees looking for a nice Lunar New Year “cultural event” to bring your little girl to, DON’T DO IT.

Likewise, non-literate Chinese Americans who’d like to treat their aging parents to a pleasant Chinese New Year “cultural event,” DON’T DO IT.

And reputable politicians who are asked to send letters of welcome or congratulations to be included in the New Tang Dynasty’s program, DON’T DO IT.

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6 thoughts on “Happy Chinese New Year, Falun Gong-Style (Yikes)

  1. wowwee! i am so glad you have all that falun gong info. every day when i came out of the metro station, i was greeted by very quiet asian people handing out flyers on the persecution of the falun gong. not knowing anything about them, i simply nodded, said, “i’m sorry,” and walked on.

    in spite of the angst, i bet the ticket price was sooo worth it to hear your dad drop the f bomb. my dad rails about that sort of thing, too… uh, sort of like i do, i suppose (say… wait a second! i did inherit something from him. i’m having an AHA! moment right here in the comments section!)

    anytime your dad wants to tilt at these sorts of windmills with my dad and me, he should just come on over.

  2. sian9 on

    Forget the “Chinese New Year celebration” ! It is nothing but deceptive propaganda from the Falun Gong. I innocently bought tickets for the Radio City Music Hall show last year and the tickets were very expensive. I expected to see a show about the Chinese Lunar New Year. It was nothing but a promotion for the Falun Gong. The brochures are so dishonest. I go to many broadway shows and cultural events and live in NYC but have never, ever felt so robbed and taken advantage of after seeing this rotten show. I wish somebody had warned me not to go. This is just a fundraiser for the Falun Gong cult and performed by amateurs. I feel really angry that this crackpot cult has to lie under the guise of a holiday to get people’s money. All I can say is don’t go and warn people so they don’t fall victim to this malevolent cult that has no scruples and will deceive people to go to this awful show!

  3. @wreke: Your dad and mine sound like curmuedgeons of the world, united. Like father, like daughter, heh.

    @sian: Glad you agree with my post. So how can we get the word out to others who might be taken in?

  4. Nice to know I’m not the only one who thought this was an utter sham. The show played at the San Francisco Opera House last year and it was the most bizarre, amateurish, propaganda spectacle I’ve ever seen. Wrote about it on my “Civic Center” blog and also on SFist with a Chinese-American friend of mine.

    Unfortunately, the show is back this year, this time at the smaller Orpheum Theatre on Market Street, and because they are buying ads with every small newspaper in town, they are appearing in all the listings without a single mention that this is a bait-and-switch routine where you think you’re going to see a “traditional” Chinese New Year’s show and instead you’re given atrocious ballets about martyred Falun Gong practitioners going off to some weirdo heaven after being killed by those godless commies.

    Glad your father dropped the f-bomb rather than joining the cult.

  5. I was held hostage by the Falun Gong people at the Toronto Chinese New Year spectacular show. I have nothing against the Falun Gong people; I just felt that they scammed everybody into listenning to their religious propaganda. Goodness knows I wouldn’t pay $100 to listen to Jehovah witnesses either. Anybody who thinks they are going to get a real Chinese New Year cultural experience is in for real shock!

  6. MiaD,
    Not a good sign when you have to trick people into seeing your religiously-themed shows!

    Thanks for adding your two cents. I don’t want any more people to waste their money on this stuff, so please do help spread the word from those of us who were already taken in.


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