‘Tis the Season

it’s almost 2008, and i can feel the seasonal melancholy in the air, in spite of the true cheer we managed to generate by overeating and exchanging gifts. times like these i’m happy to hibernate. long naps are alluring.

every fall and winter, it’s the last long leg of a marathon of manic activity, sugar consumption, and shopping for/giving/unwrapping presents that begins with halloween and doesn’t let up til new year’s eve.

i’m sure the people who have winter babies who must be celebrated can relate: halloween (child must have satisfactory costume), the Unreliable Narrator’s birthday (must provide satisfactory celebration), my birthday, thanksgiving (must pack on winter poundage with turkey and trimmings), my mother-in-law’s birthday, HB’s birthday (the equivalent of an international peace summit with scheduling, seating, conversational, and other snafus to be avoided), christmas (must at least attempt to give thoughtful gifts), and finally new year’s.

it’s an emotional gauntlet and has me wishing that more people we knew were born in spring or summer.

the cure for the winter blues is snuggling up to your dear ones, watching endless dvds of cirque du soleil. right now the Unreliable Narrator is pressed up against me memorizing every move of La Nouba. some day soon, we’ll experience the wonderment live, and thrill at the artistry of dancers and acrobats who devote their lives to being unearthly testaments to the power of the human body.

(and, i’m told if i keep working on it, i might be able to audition for the Unreliable Narrator’s show, Cirque du Vertigo, as a singer. i’ve been given the old “don’t call us, we’ll call you” by the UN.)

peace, health, and happiness to you in 2008.

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