Indie Film, DIY, and Now, Indie TV?

so i said i’d self-distribute my film if i have to. i’m not eager to, but i will if that’s what it takes.

now comes word from the LATimes that several key showrunners are circling venture capitalists and other web-based partners to bring their shows directly to the web. i say, it’s about time. big corporations don’t hesitate to disintermediate–cut out the middleman and create vertical consolidation of their industries. but with the web, disintermediation can work the other way. showrunners with a following can cut out the middleman (networks) and go right to the fans/their audience. and why not? i believe artists are empowered when they can connect as directly as possible with their audiences.

the old media tv model has been broken for a while–advertisers fork out a whole lot of money and for what? for people to Tivo over the commercials, or get up and pee during the commercials breaks? if there’s a better way to sell soap–to niches, to targeted audiences, to audiences whose demographics you can parse pretty finely–then i’d imagine that advertisers would want to flock there.

2 thoughts on “Indie Film, DIY, and Now, Indie TV?

  1. i remember a decade ago, when i worked for an unnamed, major online company, and we were contemplating launching an online soap opera. ahead of it’s time and technology, but i think it would be a cool idea now. i just don’t know how to do the film stuff ::sigh::

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