Young Women Sweep Top Honors at Science Contest

fantastic, and inspiring!

Isha Jain

photo credit: ruby washington, NYT 

and a wonderful example of how the newtonian apple doesn’t fall from the tree:

Three-quarters of the finalists have a parent who is a scientist. The parents of Alicia Darnell, who won second place, are medical researchers at Rockefeller University, and her maternal grandparents were scientists, too. Isha Himani Jain, who took home the top individual prize [a $100,000 scholarship], published her first research paper with her father, a professor at Lehigh University, when she was 10 or 11; her mother is a doctor.

ladies, i fully expect you to run the world in about fifteen years. (and extra hurrahs for ms. jain, just an amazing south asian american young woman. woohoo!)

5 thoughts on “Young Women Sweep Top Honors at Science Contest

  1. momisodes on

    Woohoo! *fist in the air, yelling “girl power”*

    That’s amazing, 10 or 11 and published? Gah, maybe I need to go back to school and turn my little one into a beaker and flask aficionado :)

  2. every day, when my 9 year old DD tells me she loves science best, i cheer her on. that’s not my genetic contribution (although i come from a long line of scientists — but i ended up the english major), but i just want to help the momentum going. i don’t want her to get shot down :) this is so inspiring!

  3. I loved this story and loved the photo that goes along with it. Won’t it be great in the future when a headline like “Girls make history…” won’t be possible because there won’t be anything newsworthy that hasn’t already been done by girls?

    This is a search on the string “the first girl to” in articles in the New York Times before 1980. There are some interesting results, including the first “girl” to be elected editor of the Michigan Law Review (1966) and the first “girl” to fly the mail plane from New York to San Francisco (1929). At least the Times calls 23 year olds “women” these days…

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