We Played Hooky

it got to be too much–posting on NaBloPoMo every day. friends who are otherwise okay but overstepped a boundary at school. work this-and-that. so we took a mental health day and played hooky today.

guess where we went.

small world.

want to know the best time to go? mid-week, after a major holiday in the winter.

the lines were short, the wait, almost none.

the food has improved. portions are now smaller in the toddler meal and in California Adventure and Disneyland you can get fresh fruit sold from wooden carts. the toddler meal of spanish rice and fine-chopped grilled chicken breast, and a cup of apple sauce on the side was the right size and manageable. finally, an alternative to so-called kids’ food like ubiquitous chicken fingers or other undesirable deep-fried options.

spidaweb, pssst pssst! right to the face!

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