News to Me: Wonder Woman Now Written By a Woman

doesn’t this story just give you tons of hope? renew your faith in scrappy, working class heroines who are late-blooming writers? make you feel like “following your bliss” isn’t a batshit insane thing to do?

photo credit: chris pietsch for the NYT

wonder woman was such a saturday morning icon for me: was it the golden forearm bands or the red leather boots? or maybe it was her raven-haired tresses in a sea of blonde heroines that spoke to me. or lynda carter’s undeniably buxom and well-fed athleticism. (ana girls, please take note.)

i can’t believe that gail simone is the first woman in the history of the wonder woman comic to write for that character. it’s about time. gail, you ROCK.

2 thoughts on “News to Me: Wonder Woman Now Written By a Woman

  1. momisodes on

    Wow! I had no idea. That’s wonderful news for Wonder Woman…think she’ll make her less busty and more human-like?

  2. don’t have much experience with the comic, just the saturday morning tv show.

    but maybe i’ll start checking out the comic now…sure is intriguing!

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