The Unreliable Narrator: Stir Crazy

let me go on a bit more about how active the Unreliable Narrator is. it’s almost unbelievable the amount of energy a small human child can throw off.

he was so thrilled to have both mama and daddy up and about on a weekend and all to himself after an intense, intellectually stimulating, and fine motor-skills focused two days with mama that after breakfast he

  • scootered for 30 minutes down our street to where the sidewalk ended and the hill became too perilous to descend, and back home
  • at the playground, went scootering for another 90 minutes nonstop (in which we had to “get the next clue that would tell us where the monkey king was hiding with secret information about the phoenix’s location”)
  • visited the griffith park observatory, hiked for 45 minutes a nearby hill and only had to be carried partway back after eating lunch at the new wolfgang puck cafe there (me? i conked out for a nap because i’d woken up at the ungodly hour of 4 am, and found the peace and quiet so delicious i stayed up and wrote for a while)
  • spent a good 25 minutes heaving rocks bigger than his hands up a hill
  • thoroughly defied a made-up excuse to visit TargĂ© to buy toilet paper, the car trip of which was supposed to induce sleep
  • finally napped after taking the longest possible drive home

at which time, HB and i were exhausted ourselves.

and i haven’t even mentioned the non-stop chatter, the barrage of “how?” and “why?” questions, and the spontaneous bursting into song/scatting like ella fitzgerald (though not quite as pleasant to hear). are you tired at all reading this? to think i worried that the Unreliable Narrator had a speech delay….bwa ha ha ha haha haha ha (wipes tears from eyes)!

perhaps pictures of his playground scootering will convince you there’s kilowatts to be captured and somehow sold back to the power company.

scooter buddies

ready, steady, go!

faster! faster!


observing lane markings like a true angeleno


good save

lap 531, only 4,469 to go!

hmmmm…built like grandpa?

5 thoughts on “The Unreliable Narrator: Stir Crazy

  1. looks like he was having a blast! Good for him.

    How was the Observatory? They closed it right before I moved here and I’ve yet to make reservations to visit. I guess this three weeks with the hubby off would have been the perfect time. Oh well – too late now.

  2. brian,
    awww…i’m convinced that every age is the best age! but i do like this sweet and huggy stage, where i get lots of presents.

    the little guy was in hog heaven.

    love the observatory! you’re no longer required to use the parking shuttle. instead, just find parking along the drive leading up to the observatory. i haven’t had time to explore the interior yet, but the cafe is on par with LACMA’s cafe (i.e., good) and there’s a view, to boot. it’s not the getty, but it’s still quite beautiful and the other day HB said he saw the ocean from one of the scenic overlooks.

    one of these nights we plan to bring the Unreliable Narrator to look at the stars since night falls so early now.

  3. these pictures were *adorable*! but next time daddy should take the camera for a little bit and get mommy and son on film!!

  4. mayumi,
    wouldn’t you know, this is how history gets re-written! cuz you know i was on that scooter too.

    thing is, i take better pictures. HB favors the telephoto lens for that “paparazzi” look.

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