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i’ve been rescued from posting any more dull blahgity blah blah (so dull, i fell asleep in the middle of posting and had to continue when i woke up!) by bashirs_mom at Basenji Boy with this random meme tag.

  1. Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
  2. Share 7 random and or weird things about yourself.
  3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
  4. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

so here goes:

1. i believe with all my heart that flute has NO, i repeat, NO business rocking out in a song. that means YOU, jethro tull (a full 10:21 of PURE TORTURE that should rank right up there with waterboarding as disallowable by the geneva convention, included here for your listening/cringing pleasure). this is kind of a deal-breaker for me.


2. in college, i once slept through an ear-splitting fire alarm that cleared my entire dorm. i woke up about five minutes in, and no, i was not drunk or otherwise impaired. just really really tired.

3. if toes could be prehensile, then i have prehensile toes. i can pick up small objects with them. who knows, i could be typing with my toes right now, for all you know.

4. when i hit “girl loves horse” stage of pre-pubescence, i read National Velvet from cover to cover and went around whispering anachronistic colloquial britishisms to myself, i.e., “coo lummy” (WTF???), and publicly referring to P.E. class as “gymkhana.” too bad during “gymkhana” we just sat around rippling our parachutes by the edge and clapping along to the pseudo-mariachi “mexican jumping bean song” instead of training to ride in horse jumping events.

5. in my life i’ve owned 6 cats so far.

6. sometimes when i dream, it’s omniscient pov. other times, i’m the pov of a “character” in my dream who is not me (often totally different gender, or race, or culture), and yet i’m feeling and sensing everything that person does. does anyone else do this? maybe i should’ve written that i practice nocturnal astral projection instead.

7. as a nerdy child, i enjoyed listening to, memorizing, and singing all the parts of my parents musical record collection…West Side Story.

i trrrrried to rrrrroll my Rrrrrr’s like Rrrrrrita Morrrreno.


My Fair Lady.


The Sound of Music.


wasn’t that an AWESOME abomination?

to this day i love musicals and have in part the music tastes of a 50-year old gay man. i used to be scared of julie andrews’ cockney accent in her pre-makeover eliza doolittle (My Fair Lady) because i thought it was the voice of a witch.

tag, you’re it:

6 thoughts on “7 Weird/Random Things Meme

  1. momisodes on

    ROFL! Your randoms were her-larious!

    “…High on a hill was a lonely goatherd…Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo!!” (my favorite scene in the whole movie…I wanted a puppet so badly after watching this a million times)…..LOVE. The Sound of Music…and musicals. I suppose we can both sing along with the middle aged gay men at the theater :)

  2. momisodes,
    don’t you feel validated that gwen stefani was also a Sound of Music nerd? the only difference being, um, she’s gwen stefani and i’m…so not.

    babes, you and i should hit the hollywood bowl when they have their Wizard of Oz sing-a-thon. we can be fabu with all our sistren and brethren together. hell, i’ll even go in costume, and stuff one of the cats in a basket and call it “Toto” for kicks.

    we. are. so. there.

  3. my doula/former artistic dir of the nonprofit i worked for 7 years was in West Side story. her name then was Joanne Miya. She is the one in the frilly layered dress who often dances behind Rita to her right. she was on broadway in WSS, Flower DRum Song, King & I. I was a big West side story fan, but my favorit by far was Sound of music.

  4. melissa,
    yay–glad it provided some timely inspiration!

    is joanne miya japanese american? because if so, i love that she was passing for puerto rican in WSS. sounds like she had an amazing career with incredible stories to tell, and has continued being amazing with her non-profit and doula work. cool.

  5. A week later, I finally comply.

    Also, I have to agree with you re: flute, and also re: the various backgrounds of the dancers in WSS who passed as Puerto Rican. The guy who played ‘Nardo was the son of Greek immigrants (and in fact had played Riff in the London stage production). The imdb entry for the film is quite interesting: Chino died of AIDS, Baby John went on to be a respected choreographer, Graziella was a costume supervisor on “Freaks and Geeks”, etc.

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