Don’t Worry, Muffin

or should i say, it’s the don’t worry muffin?

while reading dire news stories at the LA Times about the dreaded convergence of the writers’ strike and the spiralling-the-drain local real estate/financial services sector and its impact on the southland economy, i come across recipes for yummy AND nutritious muffins: apple oatmeal, kamut and cheese, and whole wheat sweet potato. they’re kind of a chowhoundy mama’s wet dream.

life is like that: jangly five alarm bells of fight-or-flight, and quiet moments of mellow muffinhole stufffin’.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Worry, Muffin

  1. Mmmm, muffins… I just had a banananana nut muffin that my g/f made for me. oy, lots of butter though. nothing like a good muffin to make your view on the world a little less appalling.

  2. yo. You left a message for me at NaBloPoMo. I didn’t have a blog until just recently, so there was no connection. Feel free to drop in. So you are a recovering academic? I am in the throes of the sickness, myself.


  3. momisodes on

    “Medjool dates, or red chard and Cotswold cheese”- I know not of what you are, but you sound yummy!

    I can already tell, the holidays are going to add some serious insulation.

  4. My girl was askin’ for cupcakes all day. i downloaded an easy recipe for carrot cake cupcakes this morning, but discovered the only ingredients i had on hand were cupcake liners and eggs. we’ll have to try again on my next day off.

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