Moderate & Progressive Christians Reclaiming Christianity?

i was wondering if (despairing as it felt impossible) this was ever going to happen. i look back at some post-2004 election sentiments liberals felt that went around the blogosphere and boy, was it bleak. furious and bleak.

now it seems evangelical protestantism (or as i understand it, the southern baptist mainstream in america), that seemed such a linchpin of right-wing politics in electing shrubya to office, is vulnerable to internal dissension. this NYT Magazine article cites bill hybels (of the “emergent church” movement):

“The Indians are saying to the chiefs, ‘We are interested in more than your two or three issues,’ ” Hybels said. “We are interested in the poor, in racial reconciliation, in global poverty and AIDS, in the plight of women in the developing world.”

He brought up the Rev. Jim Wallis, the lonely voice of the tiny evangelical left. Wallis has long argued that secular progressives could make common cause with theologically conservative Christians. “What Jim has been talking about is coming to fruition,” Hybels said.

well. this secular progressive has been wondering when and how and if megachurches could go on as they have about hot-button issues that get “values voters” riled up–abortion, “hollywood liberalism,” some racist bogeyman or other (immigration debate today, anybody?)–before anyone dared say, “what’s so funny about peace, love, and understanding?” you know, all those things churches are kinda supposed to be about.

another excerpt from the article:

Rev. Gene Carlson, another prominent conservative Christian pastor who left his church last year…[says] “When you mix politics and religion,” Carlson said, “you get politics.”

not to mention i would be SO relieved if church and state got divorced. they’ve been altogether too thick of late.

that divorce wouldn’t come soon enough for me. they were getting a little creepy-fascist over there, marching in lockstep.
good people of faith: take back your religion from the crazies and the haters. it’s long overdue. i’m sorry it’s taken thousands of perfectly brave and ordinary people dying for everyone to realize that we went down the wrong road thanks to shrubya and puppetmaster cheney. but now that we’re all living in reality again, let’s find real-life solutions, because we don’t have any other choice, do we?

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