Chicks Making Flicks

as one of the above-mentioned chicks making a flick, i read this article with great interest. you’ve seen these before; every so often an entertainment/culture rag will have a roundtable discussion about the state of women in hollywood. have they gotten any farther? are there any more than there were 10, 15, 20 years ago?

so i read it with great interest–and slight detachment. because they didn’t talk to any women of color directors or producers, and that’s who kept popping into my head.

so karyn kusama didn’t direct AEON FLUX, a big sci-fi movie with, presumably, shit blowing up?

um, janet yang didn’t produce half of oliver “testosterone” stone’s best movies of the ’90s via ixtlan?

jessica yu didn’t win an oscar for her documentary short, and keep directing documentaries (and now a feature film, PING PONG PLAYA)?

and those are just the asian american women i can think of offhand.

now, i’m not saying everything’s hunky-dory for women in hollywood. hardly.

but maybe part of the problem is that the problem itself is narrowly defined: success=big-budget/studio [action] movies directed by women. throw in a few terms like “tent-pole,” “blockbuster” and “box office smash,” and the definition of success is incredibly narrow. for women, but for men too.

until 13 year old boys decide they want to see movies about anyone outside that demographic, and until women grow a spine and say to the men they see movies with, “we need to see the movie i choose tonight,” well…ain’t nothin’ changing.

i figure, i’m not writing SUPERMAN IV. so i’ll just go off and do my thing. if blue man group–a bunch of half-naked guys in blue body paint!–can tough it out in the avant garde and ultimately carve a comfy little niche doing whatever they do in vegas, well, somebody‘s gotta want to see and pay for what i come up with.

that’s what the web and the long tail is for.

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